Todd Bracher

You can find me on Instagram / LinkedIn / Twitter / AngelList or connect with me via email.

I am part designer, entrepreneur, and scientist. I leverage these tools to lead opportunities that affect the human condition for the better. I believe the world is actually what we make it, and doing less bad is not good enough.

I am the founder of Studio Bracher, an award-winning design and strategy firm with two decades of experience creating innovative products, building meaningful brands, and bringing game-changing experiences to life, from insight to realization.

I am the founder of Betterlab, born from the belief that sometimes it is best to create what is not there, that needs to be there, to improve our world where possible.

I am an investor who supports businesses looking to bring a positive change to our world: Timeshifter / MentalWorkout / Mater.

I hold over a dozen patents, have over 200 products in the market, named top 100 global design influencer, three-time Designer of the Year awards, and several nominations for the National Design Award.

I frequent as a keynote speaker, appear on design and business podcasts, and can be found across various media discussing how design can transform businesses and human experience.

I am an Antler advisor who believes the transfer of knowledge and experience is as important as gaining knowledge and experience.

I am known for my irreducibly complex approach to design, creating a balance of manufacturing, the human condition, and business objectives.

My writings and observations on design, science, culture, life, and business can be found on Medium.

With the above said, I have had the privilege of working with some extraordinary humans from the fields of design, art, science, business, manufacturing, and finance. I am forever thankful for their support, sharing of their passion, and kindness.